The Research Is In

The ABC Coalition has come out with news that most of us already knew – downtown St. Petersburg and Tropicana Field are not a suitable long-term home for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Given the fact I am an Orlando-area resident, anything that moves the Rays closer to my house it alright by me but the ABC Coalition laid out some cold hard facts on why the Rays need a new home at a new address in the Bay area.’s Noah Pransky spent the morning hearing the report from the coalition. There is a video on that link where Rays Sr VP of Business and Development, Michael Kalt, discusses the gravity of the situation.

The need for a new stadium in a new location isn’t the big hurdle – finding funding in a cash-strapped area and state is. The cost tab for bringing Tropicana Field up to acceptable standards is only slightly less than the price tag to build a brand new stadium. This makes the choice clear – either stay in a place that already outdated when it hosted its first baseball game or find a way to get a new stadium in the bay area. Renovation should not even be considered because you cannot polish a turd any more than Rays management has since taking over from the Naimoli regime.

Update (7/17) – Joe Henderson feels quite strongly the Rays need to move to the east side of the bay area.


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