Free Willy

Marc Topkin of the St. Petersburg Times put out an excellent story on Willy Aybar yesterday. Maddon works to get Aybar enough playing time and now we know there is an analytical method to the madness.  That method, however secretive it is, has helped Aybar put up some of the best statistics of any bench player in the American League. In 156 at bats, he is hitting .288 with a .851 OPS and has driven in 26 runs while scoring 27 times.  His .370 wOBA is 4th in the American League for third baseman  – better than all-stars Brandon Inge and Michael Young.

Joe Maddon has been working to get Aybar at bats and is giving him time at second base of late while moving Zobrist out to the outfield which relegates the Gabes (Kapler and Gross) to the bench. It worked very well against Zach Greinke and the Royals on Saturday as Aybar went 4 for 4 and Maddon has rewarded Aybar with another opportunity tonight as he is in the line-up at second base hitting seventh behind Pat Burrell. Tonight’s lineup courtesy of @tborays

1 – Upton
2- Crawford
3 – Longoria
4 – Pena
5 – Zobrist
6 – Burrell
7 – Aybar
8 – Hernandez
9 – Bartlett


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