Free Falling

That is how I feel watching Rays games this month.With the double-loss today, the Rays are now the not so proud owner of the longest losing streak in the majors at any time this season. Not the crappy Royals, or Indians, or the 17 straight losing season Pirates – our beloved Rays. To think, one month ago, people were calling this team a wildcard contender. Now, they’re just doing everything they can to stay out of 4th place. If the Rays do not take two of three from the Orioles (seriously, we have to consider that??), they will limp home with a sub .500 record on the season. This from a team that was 13 games above .500 at one point in the second half of this season. The only good news from the organization right now is in AAA where the Durham Bulls just clinched the International League title and is where Jeremy Hellickson currently resides. Hellickson struck out 12 in his last minor league start giving him five straight starts of at least nine strikeouts and 51 strikeouts in his last 32.2 innings pitches.

My wife says one of the things she loves about me is I wear the love of my teams on my sleeve. Well, the fact the Rays haven’t won in 11 tries, UCF lost, and the Redskins lost means that sleeve it torn to shreds after a weekend of frustration. The only good thing to come out of some of that losing is I have the opposing pitchers on my fantasy league where I am tied for first place so if I can make $550 from this miserable month, it will definitely turn things around.


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