Rays Fall to .500

Some teams would kill to be a .500 team while this fan base is just ready to kill themselves for watching this team play the last few weeks. Someone make the pain stop. If the Rays cannot pull a win out tomorrow, they will limp home under .500 for the first time since mid-May. It was said there were maybe 235 fans at the game as it ended tonight after the rain delay; the Rays may have that many fans waiting for them in the Jays series this weekend. Can any of them pitch in relief or teach Willy Aybar how to play defense?


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One Response to Rays Fall to .500

  1. siul narud says:

    Some conspiracy theories
    1-Navarro blew starters and relievers by purposedly calling the wrong pitches to make the Rays pay for denying him more salary.
    2-Upton wants to play with his brother so he is giving plenty of reasons to get traded.
    3-Stu, Maddam and Drew figured it out: “The more we fall, the higher we draft for the future of the team”
    4- The ays knew Jackson and Gomes were going to get way better and demmand more money so, they traded them to avoid the Kaz syndrome.

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