It's Over

Honestly, part of me is relieved that it is over because it has been a rather stressful season to follow and that is to be expected after the level of expectations was raised with 2008’s success. I watched or listened to all but a handful of games this year when business travel or flag football did not present a conflict so maybe this end will be kind of my nerves. Then again, since I follow the UCF Knights and Washington Redskins, my nerves never get a rest from sports. It should be an interesting off-season for the Rays and I plan on doing a player by player review of the current roster in the coming weeks here as well as some roster moves I’d like to see the club make to re-tool for 2010 season.


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2 Responses to It's Over

  1. Cindy says:

    Hi, that’s often the case, when a team has an outstanding season, that they are having massive problems the following year. Pressure is higher, the fans expect a win in every game. Sadly for the rays that occured this season. Hopefully they will attack again in the next season.

  2. Agreed, Cindy. I don’t think the expectations were unrealistic but the under-performances of Burrell, Upton, and Navarro in the offense and Garza and Shields not taking it up a notch definitely hurt.

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