What Would It Take?

The other night I was on IM with a good friend of mine who claimed he was hearing some rumblings about the Padres and Rays discussing a deal that revolved around Heath Bell and B.J. Upton. Now, I do not dismiss my friend’s comments on rumblings with the Padres because in the ten years that I have known him, he has typically been the first person to report the smoke when the fires have burned in the Padres front office and has been right on some of his ramblings more often than not. The rumor would somewhat tie into the local talk last week that the Rays would not be pursuing a closer this year.

For kicks, I passed that rumor on to another diehard Rays fan friend of mine who bleeds blue and typically messages me 4-5 times each game night with a “we suck” or “we rule!” text depending on the scoreboard. His reactions:

  • “That would be an awful deal for us
  • “I might quit following the Rays, no joke”
  • “That better not f’n happen”

As we saw with the Scott Kazmir trade, trading of big names brings about all sorts of reactions. I have always said a trade cannot receive its final grade until at least two years after it is completed, particularly when it involves prospects. After all, a lot of people were perturbed when the Devil Rays gave away Aubrey Huff to the Astros for Mitch Talbot and some guy named Ben Zobrist. Looking back at that trade now, it was quite the steal from the Astros.

Frankly, I don’t think this rumor has any legs particularly since the Padres are without an official General Manager in the office although one would expect the brainy Paul DePodesta is the man behind the curtain for the time being. It just got me thinking, what kind of trade would the Rays have to make with any player to lose you as a fan? Was the Scott Kazmir trade enough of a trade to push you to the brink? If someone like Carl Crawford or Jason Bartlett were traded this off-season for more close to the majors type prospects, would that be the straw that broke the camel’s back for you?


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