Remember to Give Thanks

I am fully aware that Thanksgiving is still four weeks away, but there is not a day that goes by that I do not give thanks to Colorado for their decision in the 2006 MLB draft to take Greg Reynolds second overall. You see, it was widely considered the Rockies were going to spend that second overall pick on a young third baseman from Cal State Long Beach but the tall hard-throwing righty from Stanford was too much for the Rockies to give up. Once the Rockies made that selection, the Rays’ plans to take Tim Lincecum were pushed aside and they tripped over phone wires in the draft room to call in their pick for Evan Longoria.

Consider that Longoria still has four years left of a contract that is easily the best bargain in baseball while the Rockies have received all of 52 major league innings of work out of Reynolds as he was shut down in 2007 with a shoulder surgery and just had a second one yesterday after missing all of 2009 with shoulder problems.  Taking pitchers high in the draft is a high-risk/high reward move; the Rockies are stuck with the risk while the Rays continue to reap in the high reward part of the transaction.


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2 Responses to Remember to Give Thanks

  1. Paul says:

    So would yall have taken Lincecum had Longoria been taken? Sounds like win-win, but I’d rather have Longoria so I understand your joy.

  2. I’d rather have Longoria because the 3rd base position is so key to a club. Look at the revolving door that Minnesota has had at third base for years now; I think it is what has ultimately held them back from going to the next level. Given how well the Rays have targeted and developed pitchers to the point where they comfortably traded way Jackson and Hammel this year, Lincecum would not have filled as great a need as Longoria IMO. Being able to lock up 3rd base with a middle of the lineup run producer for 6+ years is tough to do these days.

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