We Are Family

No, this has not turned into a Pirates blog but somewhat of an ad pitch. I am out in Arizona right now attending the First Pitch Forums hosted by Ron Shandler of BaseballHQ.com and USA Today fame. The highlight of the trip for me has been meeting a lot of the guys I interact with on Twitter throughout the season such as @jhalpin37 @sporer @JoelHenard @jintman @jeff_erickson @sgardnerUSAT, and @Tim_Heaney among others. As Halpin said in a tweet this morning, “until last night, I didn’t think anyone on Twitter was real.” These guys are all great baseball people as well as fantasy baseball guys and I’ve enjoyed getting knowledge and feedback from them throughout the baseball season and look forward to gaining more from them this off-season.  Those guys are great, but they are my extended family.

The best part about being in the Fanball blog network is the new family members I gain by being part of the network. If you look up at the top of any one of the blogs in our network, you can get two-click access to any one of the blogs in our network for baseball, football, baseketball, and hockey.  Not to mention, after a barrage of email exchanges this week, I have found many of them are also on Twitter so you as well as I can get even more access to their information such as @MonkeyWithaHalo, @thesilencekid, @enoharris, and @azvenom. If you haven’t spent the time to sniff around the baseball blogs on our network, take a look at the stories that are out there:

Those are just a few of the great stories on the Fanball Blog Network.  All of us have another team that we follow in the other league (Astros are mine)  so after you have gotten your fill of Rays news here, take some time and catch up on other teams of interest on our network.


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