Frame This

I actually woke up today in a good mood because it is my last day at the office until January 4th and it has been on hell of a year, to say the least. That mood was quickly erased when I read this piece from Ken Rosenthal. It is 103 days until the opening day and there are still 150 free agents out there for the Rays to court and the Rays should give up now? In 2008, Rosenthal predicted the Red Sox would win the AL East. In 2009, Rosenthal predicted the Rays would win the AL East. If he is predicting the Yankees will win the AL East in 2010, I love the Rays’ chances. I hope Maddon takes this article and puts it into each player’s folder this season and frames it right next to the clubhouse exit so it is the last thing the players see as they head out to the field each day. I hope the Rays do win the AL East this year so B.J. Upton or Carl Crawford can be Deion Sanders and treat Rosenthal like Tim McCarver.

Happy F’n Holidays Rays fans from your friend at Fox Sports.

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