McGriff's HOF Chances

Fred McGriff’s Hall of Fame chances are off to a very slow start according to the folks at Baseball Think Factory. They track the ballots that are publicly announced via stories or Twitter by writers and tally the votes at the HOF Ballot Gathering Machine.

Last year, there were 529 ballots turned in for voting and only 40 have been announced at this time. With 8% of precincts reporting so far, here are the results:

85.0 - Dawson
82.5 - Alomar
82.5 - Blyleven
60.0 - Larkin
57.5 - J. Morris
52.5 - Lee Smith
47.5 - Edgar
40.0 - T. Raines
32.5 - McGwire
25.0 - Trammell
17.5 - Parker
15.0 - Mattingly
15.0 - D. Murphy
12.5 - Baines
10.0 - McGriff

This is not the kind of start McGriff fans such as myself were hoping for.


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