The Future of the A.L. East compiled the Top 10 lists of each A.L. East farm system from Baseball America a single easy-to-use list.  If you are like me, you keep your friends close and your enemies closer which makes this type of information very useful. The Rays farm system is still the class of the division but the talent the Orioles have been able to amass is quite impressive. The Red Sox list is still strong and the Yankees list took a hit with the loss of Vizcaino in the Vazquez deal and the list has four catchers in it although there is little chance stud prospect Jesus Montero remains at catcher. If it were not for the Jays adding Brett Wallace, Travis D’Arnaud, Kyle Drabek in the Halladay trade and Zach Stewart in last year’s Rolen trade, the Jays farm system would look quite barren. In all, things are not going to get any easier in the A.L. East any time soon and the Orioles could quickly become a nuisance in the division for the Rays, Red Sox, and Yankees.

How tough has the division been already? Consider this(courtesy @StatsMan):  in 2009, MLB pitchers had a 4.83 ERA when facing teams in the AL East but a 4.22 ERA against the other teams in baseball.


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