McGriff's HOF Chances 12/30

Two days ago, I posted the info from the Hall of Fame Gatherine Machine feature at Baseball Think Factory. At that time, 40 full ballots had been published by voters and McGriff ranked last appearing on only 10% of the ballots. In the last two days, eight more full ballots have been posted and the list below shows the positive or negative gains for each player. I will post updates the next few days as we head to the final announcement on January 6th.

  • Andre Dawson  +2.5%
  • Roberto Alomar +0.8%
  • Bert Blyleven +0.8%
  • Barry Larkin -1.7%
  • Jack Morris +5%
  • Lee Smith -2.5%
  • Edgar Martinez -3.7%
  • Tim Raines -2.5%
  • Mark McGwire -1.2%
  • Alan Trammell 0%
  • Dave Parker -2.9%
  • Don Mattingly -2.5%
  • Dale Murphy -2.5%
  • Harold Baines 0%
  • Fred McGriff +0.4%

Ken Rosenthal put his ballot out today and published some great points about McGriff he got from the Rays’ PR Department:

McGriff had a higher OBP than Murray, .377 to .359, and a higher SLG, .509 to .476. Take it a step further, and he also had a higher OPS- plus, 134 to 129, according to

Murray was a switch-hitter who won three straight Gold Gloves at first base in his late 20s; McGriff was a left-handed hitter and less-than-stellar defender. But McGriff’s offensive numbers, while compiled in a more hitter-friendly era, are too compelling to ignore. From 1988 to 2002, he averaged 31 homers and 97 RBIs.

If McGriff had hit seven more home runs to reach 500, would we even be having this discussion? His run of dominance lasted 15 seasons. His BA/ OBP/SLG line in 50 postseason games was .303/.385/.532.


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3 Responses to McGriff's HOF Chances 12/30

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  2. Kirpuck34 says:

    McGriff = Bert Blyleven. Very good players who are being overlooked because they were taken for granted AND didn’t hit the career milestones that everyone looks at.

  3. I hate the milestone thing. If not for the 94 strike, McGriff hits the 500 HR plateau and his inclusing into the HOF is a shoo-in because of a milestone. Blyleven gets penalized because of all the quality starts he lost for crappy teams that were sub .500 in games in which he did not pitch. They are two of the guys at the top of my own list of people I want to see in.

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