Around the Dock (1/21)

27 days until pitchers and catchers report!

  • DRaysBay looks at the cost of win distributions
  • Bert Blyleven is calling for the Rays to finish 3rd….and I agree with the should-be Hall of Famer. I still think the Rays win 90 games this year, but it won’t be enough to catch either Boston or New York.
  • Fangraphs takes a look at the worst contracts in baseball by reminding everyone just how obscenely good Evan Longoria’s contract is.
  • Would the Rays consider trading B.J. Upton? ESPN thinks so and provides a list of possible teams. I have to laugh each time I see the Red Sox and Yankees involved in Rays trade rumors because there is no way in hell the Rays are going to send a player of Upton’s caliber to their toughest competitors. Consider that the closest thing we have to a deal in baseball in recent memory is the Braves trading malcontent Jeff Francouer to the Mets for Ryan Church.
  • Speaking of Upton, he and the Rays are headed to court over a $300,000 gap in salary negotiations. The club offered $3m while Upton and his agent wanted $3.3m. Arbitration hearings can be a bit uncomfortable for players because the team has to point out the faults of the player and that will not be too difficult to do with Upton given his offensive struggles.
  • The club was able to avoid arbitration hearings with Garza, Bartlett, and Howell. Garza was given a one year deal at $3.35m, Bartlett got $4m, and Howell got $1.8m. That brings the Rays payroll right around $70m without the final result of Upton’s new contract.
  • Carlos Pena is the man.
  • Mets blog Amazin Avenue evaluates the farm systems; the Rays grade out in the Top 5.
  • Rays Index shows us the new BP hats for the Rays in 2010.

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2 Responses to Around the Dock (1/21)

  1. Michael says:

    I am highly dissappointed that you are runnng a Rays blog and you think this talented team won’t finish better than third.

  2. Michael, I’m trying to be a realist. The odds are, the club will finish 3rd because of the talent and resources the Yankees and Sox have acquired. Of course, 2008 everyone thought the Rays would finish 4th. That’s why games are not played on paper. If you put the Rays in any other division, I’d take them as favorites to win it but in this monster, even a team like the Rays loaded with this much talent is still playing from behind. The Yankees added and the Sox have had one hell of an off-season with their signings to upgrade their team defense and pitching while we’ve added Soriano to strengthen the pen and Shoppach to strengthen the catching.

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