Rays in the Media

In the past few days, some Rays have been on TV and the Radio:

Carlos Pena was on XM 175 discussing how he is helping the people down in Haiti.

B.J. Upton and his brother Justin were very entertaining in their appearance on the MLB Network on Thursday Night. Part 1 and Part 2 can be viewed online. Can you say sibling rivalry? (thanks to this guy for the fine animated gif)

Peter Gammons has a new article up at MLB that discusses whether baseball has a future in Florida since neither market seems to care enough to support good teams. Yes, the truth can hurt sometimes.

The Rays could be one of the three best teams in the American League and not make the playoffs. They could also be in the playoffs, and there are no indications that the Tampa area will embrace them. “They’re as much fun to watch as any team in the league,” says another AL East GM. “It’s inexplicable as to why they aren’t the toast of the area.”

However, he does mention some very good news related to Upton about halfway down the article:

Offensively, one of their biggest keys is Upton. Two years ago in the postseason, he hit seven homers in 16 games and mashed a .985 OPS. But nothing seemed right in 2009, and the .241 average, .313 on-base percentage and .686 OPS were, by his admission, an underachievement. “I think he was embarrassed,” says Andrew Friedman. “He’s worked like crazy all winter.”

Hey, Upton is 25. He was coming off a shoulder injury. Whatever, this winter he has shown hitting coach Derek Shelton more range of motion, more length and lift through the hitting zone, as well as a diligent work ethic.

For those that are dying for baseball, MLB.com has a nice video run down of Bartlett, Garza, and Howell and their new deals.


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