Around the Dock – 2/3

I am embarking on a 10 day/3 city trip starting today that includes a technology conference and celebrating my wonderful wife’s birthday and roughly 5200 miles in the air. That said, I will still be here putting up content throughout that time thanks to the wonders of in-flight internet. We are sixteen days away from pitchers and catchers reporting and since the Johnny Damon rumors came out, it has been rather quiet with Rays news but some stuff has managed to come out:

  • Joshua Fisher of The Hardball Times claims Evan Longoria’s contract is the worst one in baseball.  Obviously, any fan of another team is going to be very envious of the deal the Rays have with Longoria as the club will control him at a very good price for another six seasons. Could he have made more money – certainly but there is something to be said about being offered a guaranteed $17m contract one week into your major league career. If he continues to play as he has, he stands to earn $44m across the life of his current contract – one I think the Rays will eventually append if Longoria continues to produce at the level he has to date.
  • Evan Longoria is one of BusinessWeek’s 100 most powerful athletes. Even with that “awful” contract, he ranks 57th in the sports world by the business magazine. Certainly, becoming the face of the best baseball game on the market helps his case.
  • Longoria – “It was a pretty goofy year overall” – Evan has more to say at that link in an interview he did with The Sporting News
  • Baseball Digest Daily’s Prospect Compilation Spreadsheet. Each day, there is  a new prospect list coming out for the Rays and Joe Hamrahi and his team do a great job of compiling all of them into a single list so we can all keep track of our future Rays. That sheet is updated at least three times a month so keep that link handy. Similarly, Rays Index has put together a handy image to track the Rays prospect rankings to date.
  • The wannabe Congressman is now a baseball dreamer. WTSP’s Noah Pransky tells us that Armando Gutierrez has given up in his quest to unseat the controversial Alan Grayson and is now using baseball as his cop-out to drop out of race.  I will believe it when I see it but I agree with Pransky in that Orlando’s best chance is getting Milwaukee to leave Arizona and move their Spring Training efforts to the Disney facility.
  • The Red Sox learned from the Rays. The Red Sox attention to pitching and defense in 2010 was all from a lesson learned at the hands of the Rays thrashing Boston in Fenway early in 2009.
  • What will happen with the final bullpen spot? DRaysBay weighs in.
  • Bill Chastain takes fan questions at No, do not move B.J. Upton out of centerfield, for anyone.

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