Around the Dock – 2/18


Pitchers and catchers officially report today!  Our long and cold off-season is over – we can stop staring out the window thinking of baseball and we can finally start seeing some footage again. The slow drip of news out of the baseball spigot will now start flowing regularly as all camps will be in full force by the middle of next week.

  • The new name for the Port Charlotte ballfield lasted as Troy Percival protecting a lead. Someone did not do their due diligence.
  • Hank Aaron and Andre Dawson both feel Fred McGriff belongs in the Hall of Fame. Maybe the writers should listen to the “troops on the ground” if you will.
  • I like Kelly Shoppach’s attitude.
  • Put me in the column of hating the Rays’ new Sunday jersey. It looks like an Easter egg.
  • Noah Pransky reminds us why we should not get all excited about the talk of building a stadium in Channelside.
  • We were reminded yesterday by Topkin that David Price had off-season LASIK surgery – first mentioned by DRaysBay in late January. Maybe that is why he couldn’t find the plate at times last year. Aim for the one in the middle!
  • The Rays are interested in Russell Branyan and I am in 100% agreement with Rob Neyer about it.
  • The great Joe Posnanski does not think much of the 2010 Rays. If everything goes right, they could win 100, but he says they are 12 games worse than the Red Sox? I’m not buying that. If everything goes right for Boston, do they win 120 games?
  • Do you have a Twitter account? Follow this list of Rays fans for news – I am the leadoff hitter!
  • Don’t forget that Fanfest is this Saturday from 10 to 5. I’m driving over from Orlando for it – if I can make that kind of effort to get out, so can you!

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