Seven Rays Make Baseball America's Top 100 Prospect List

The full list can be found here.

6 – Desmond Jennings
18 – Jeremy Hellickson
34 – Wade Davis
35 – Matt Moore
54 – Reid Brignac
67 – Tim Beckham
68 – Alex Colome also posted their Top 100 list today with a slightly different result Enjoy comparing the two lists and post your feedback below.


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4 Responses to Seven Rays Make Baseball America's Top 100 Prospect List

  1. John says:


    Are your surprised to see Hellickson so low on PP’s list?

  2. Jason Collette says:

    Yes, John, very surprised. They have their reasons for ranking him so low citing past injury issues and mechanics but given how the majority disagrees with them, I am not concerned. PP does very good work for the most part but I wholeheartedly disagree with them on this one when guys like Kevin Goldstein and Keith Law say the exact opposite. The fact that he is ranking higher than Wade Davis everywhere speaks volumes to me.

  3. I am shocked to still see Reid Brignac on this list. For a guy that has been a top 100 prospect for so long now you’d figure he would catch a break by now and crack the 25 man permanently. Thoughts?

  4. Jason Collette says:

    BA has long been a fan of Brignac’s tools. I too am suprised he is still up this high. His NL counterpart is Fernando Martinez for me; a guy whose sum of parts surpasses his whole output.

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