Rocco Baldelli Serving as Special Assistant for Rays

Former Rays fan favorite Rocco Baldelli will serve as a special assistant helping coach base running and outfield defense. Baldelli encountered early success in his 2003 rookie campaign as he batted .289/11/78/27 for the Rays, However injuries plagued him most of his career hindering him from making a substantial impact in the majors. The Rays bring in Baldelli as a great clubhouse personality and someone who can preach a good work ethic to the young Rays players. Rocco has been sidelined with a shoulder injury and he is not ruling out a potential return to baseball in the future. Baldelli is 28 years old and can offer the Rays a veteran bat and solid defensive play if he decides to return sometime during this season.

[Jason] I am happy because Rocco is one of my all-time favorite Rays players. Here is a pic of he and I at the Rays Caravan when it came to Orlando in 2007.



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