When Mentioning Rocco Baldelli Is Inappropriate

Does that title make no sense to you? If so, watch the trailer of Fantasyland in the clip below. Fantasyland the Documentary launches this coming Friday and is a documentary done on a friend of mine, Jed Latkin, that was spun off the great book of the same title done by Sam Walker. Jed was selected to be a “regular guy” to come in and play in the AL Tout Wars Fantasy Baseball league that includes the likes of Ron Shandler, Lawr Michaels, Matthew Berry, Jeff Erickson, Mike Siano, and somehow, me. The film follows Jed from start to finish throughout the season and how it takes over his life that includes the birth of his twins and his job on Wall St. My advance copies of the film are hopefully in my inbox at home today – if you see someone in a UCF hat in the film, that’s me. I was not in the league the year they did this draft but I was the guy on the floor operating the computer-driven draft board.

If you are interested in winning a copy of Fantasyland, leave a comment in the comments section with your prediction of the Rays 2010 win-loss totals and I will randomly select a winner from the group.


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