B.J. Upton, Breakout or Bust in 2010?

Many of us have waited for the once “can’t miss” prospect B.J. Upton to produce like the top prospect he once was yet that day has never come. Maybe 2010 will be B.J.’s breakout year and maybe it won’t. Look for Upton to be a little more productive but not hit 40 home runs like many predicted in 2002. Upton still has a lot in the tank and hasn’t shown what he can do yet. Upton should bat around .275/20/80/40. What we need to understand about Upton is that he is not as good as we all expected him to be but quite honestly it would have been more shocking if he lived up to the numbers he was predicted to bat when he first started in the league. On a positive note Upton should increase on last years stats and if he can hit a little better then .275/20/80/40 then he will prove to be very versatile for the Rays in 2010. Rays fans have to understand that Upton will be a productive player but will never reach those unrealistic stats that plagued his days as a prospect, but B.J.’s upside is still worth salivating over. Hopefully I’m wrong and Upton can keep his composure and be a batting force in the MLB for years to come. Plus he’s only 25 years old and hasn’t even reached his prime.

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2 Responses to B.J. Upton, Breakout or Bust in 2010?

  1. Andrew Martinez says:

    2007 was his breakout year, but his avg was fueled by an insane near .390 hit rate. His power was great that year, but it was induced by an also insane 20% hr/f rate. His speed however is legit. If 2007 had never happened, how would we view BJ Upton? Can he be a born again prospect? I say he’s a bust until he shows either the avg or power are improving because in this age of baseball, speed isn’t hard to find.

  2. Andrew Martinez says:

    Oh and his ct% that year was the worst he’s ever had to date, proving that was not skill on display in his avg, it was pure luck. He had the polar opposite of an ’09 Ricky Nolasco season as a hitter. Hope he goes for big bucks in my auction leagues.

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