Game 4 Reactions

Sorry for the brevity here but I’m having to leave my trip in Dallas early to get back home with my family  as I got word late yesterday my stepfather is in ICU with a pulmonary embolism so suddenly a fantasy baseball draft with good friends is even more trivial than it appears. Thanks again to Delta airlines that was more than accommodating in switching my flights and waiving any charges on the changes to the ticket so I could get home as quickly as possible. I didn’t get to watch the game live as I was taking in a Rangers game at the stadium with a Yankee friend but I did catch the highlights and the boxscore afterwards.

  • Glad to see Aybar finally got a start at DH and that he made the most of it. I maintain he is still one of the best bench players in the American League due to his positional versatility and his switch-hitting abilities.
  • David Price picked up right where he left off last year. The highlights showed a lot of punchouts on 97mph heat and the fact he was able to work so deep into the game without piling up early pitch counts as he had in the past was great news.  The pitchf/x data shows he threw 111 pitches last night (67 for strikes) with an average fastball velocity of 94.6 mph. In those 111 pitches, he threw 68% fastballs, 27% breaking balls, and 5% change-ups.  Price clearly had a plan to his approach last night and only got squeezed on a few calls last night.
  • Everyone had at least one hit and the club did a very good job of working deep into counts against Javier Vazquez forcing him out of the game in the 6th inning with 98 pitches.  Upton was the only player not to see at least 10 pitches last night; Bartlett saw 23 out of the leadoff spot. This new lineup is growing on me.
  • Nice job by fans last night to make the place look full on the highlights and it did sound loud for the homers by Pena and Aybar. I contrast that to the Rangers game I went to last night that offered $5 parking and $10 seats to their club level seats along with a post-game fireworks show and the announced crowd was still just barely over 25,000 on a gorgeous Friday night.

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