A Positive Review on The Trop


Tropicana Field has many detractors, namely Jorge Posada and Joe Girardi, but it does have some fans. Count me in as a fan because it is indoors, cool, and vastly improved from the shape Naimoli and company had it in when they handed the keys over to Sternberg. Of course, I will never like the location of it but that will not change any time soon. It appears Tropicana Field has other fans as well. Paul Swaney of StadiumJourney.com sent me his review in email yesterday and I am very pleased a non-biased person finally had the guts to give Tropicana Field something other than a failing grade.

At first glance, an enclosed baseball field in the middle of the Sunshine State would seem to be an improper way to honor the national pastime. However, the stadium experience is much more than the playing surface and the difference between ceiling and sky. It’s the appreciation for history and the surrounding neighborhood that makes Tropicana Field not only special, but a must see….

You’ll be surprised how much you’ll like Tropicana Field. What seems like an inadequate and ugly facility, is really an inspiring treasure for baseball fans. I look forward to my next trip to Florida and its abundance of sunshine, but mostly, I’ll be excited to get indoors, to catch a Rays game.

That is the kind of review the St Pete Council will want to distribute at the next hearing by the ABC Coalition when they want to discuss the need for a new stadium. What a minute – why am I posting it? I want a new stadium! Seriously, The Trop gets enough bashing by non-interested fans and media types so it is nice to see someone give an honest favorable opinion of it.


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