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I’m not at all concerned about the attendance after this two game series. Besides, last year the first series averaged 13,076 but when Oakland came back in July for a weekend series, the average attendance doubled. Get back to me when school is out and the club is still drawing less than 11,000 a game. Clearly, it is not the product on the field that is keeping fans away.


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  1. Just sayin' says:

    You know what? Times is tough all over. Folks across the country have got it rough, but they’re still doing a better job turning out to support their teams than Rays fans are.

    It’s time to quit making excuses and admit some tough truths: Building Tropicana Field was a mistake. (It turns out MLB was right about that one way back when.) Tampa Bay is a weak baseball market. Etc., etc.

    Clearly, it’s going to take some finesse to keep a major league team here.

  2. times are indeed rough all over the country but take an unemployment rate that is 30% above the national average and couple it with a ballpark in an awful location, and you have a perfect storm for attendance problems. Factor in other issues such as college kids in finals and K-12 kids on school nights and the early #’s are not surprising. They have always been this way and the club is actually slowing the problem compared to past seasons.

    The market is here – where they decided to build it is the problem. When you have people in Zephyrhills that are balking at making the drive, it is a problem. Put a new yard near Raymond James or at I-4/75 and you solve a lot of transportation problems especially when you factor in the light-rail that would go right by those spots from Orlando.

  3. JB says:

    I’d like to see these numbers for other clubs. Or against MLB average attendance, etc.

    Also, why not compare series with similar dates instead of similar teams? Unless you are talking Yankees/Red Sox, there’s unlikely to be that much of a team-related bump. Better to make sure every series in your comparison is made with the same finals/k-12 school situation.

  4. JB – will take a little time to dig that up. I do know the club was only one of two clubs to increase attendance from 2008 to 2009 despite the declining economy, etc.

    School-age fans is a factor everywhere – it shows up in the summer attendance spikes every club sees. I pulled Oakland because they’ve traditionally been the worst one and given the limited home schedule so far this year, it was either the midweek numbers of Baltmore that were skewed by the Tuesday opening day sell out or this one. Attendance for the Jays series was right at the average for last year and the Yankees series pulled in close to typical numbers.

  5. Jeff says:

    Congratulations! You’re the first person in the Tampa Bay media to pickup on a real reason why SOME Rays fans don’t make last minute game day ticket purchases. I attend a couple dozen games a year but rarely am in a position to make my attendance decisions until the day of the game. More times than not my decision is made within hours of game time.

    I’ve always understood and agreed that season ticket holders should receive a discount for investing in an entire season package. I also don’t have any complaints about the price of a game ticket. I do however resent being penalized between $3 – $5 because I’m not in a position to make my decision to attend a ball game within the timeline Rays management DEMANDS.

  6. I understand the need to have a good forecast for attendance to staff and stock the place, but when you’re hurting for attendance, upcharging people on the day of makes no sense. Restaurants do not charge you more for ordering food on Tuesday than they do on Wednesday.

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