Around the Dock – May 6th

These west coast games are killing me. 4 straight 10:05 1st pitch games; clearly the MLB schedule makers do not have to be up early for their jobs and do not have young kids at home. I am dragging some serious tail today after two straight nights of staying up for the Rays games but you know what, I’ll do it again the next two nights.  It has been a busy day in Rays land and some funny baseball stuff aside, so here’s some quick  news you can use:

  • Attendance Graph If you want to compare how the attendance at Tropicana Field is doing this year compared to last season, here’s a a graph that does that work for you.
  • Keri on the Rays Good guy, and writer with a Rays book coming out Jonah Keri talks to Will Leitch about the Rays for New York Magazine. I can’t wait for Keri’s book to come out!
  • Matt takes a look at what is wrong with Matt Moore in 2010.
  • Carl Crawford – Josh Levitt of The Hardball Times tells us why Carl might not become a Yankee in 2011. I have accepted the fact Crawford is not coming back to the Rays next season and just hope that the Giants, Dodgers, or anyone in any other division signs Crawford to a deal so he does not end up in Boston or New York. It will hurt enough to watch Crawford play in a different uniform but the pain would be even worse to see him in pinstripes or the red and whites.
  • My video debut – If you want to see me and my face made for radio talk some fantasy baseball with Noah Coslov of, here’s your chance.
  • Top 10 Prospect Update – Check out which Rays prospects are doing what so far this season at TopProspectAlert
  • Rays need to trade a pitcher? – Cork Gaines at RaysIndex gives us his thoughts
  • Stadium News – Noah Pransky reminds us that attendance is tough, but at least we’re not the A’s.
  • If you want to see one of the better meltdowns by a baseball announcer after a loss, watch the video below

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