No Apologies

The Rays are 11-5 in the month of May despite having the third worst team batting average and the worst home run total in the league for the month of May. As I mentioned a few days ago, the club is simply not scoring runs on a consistent basis but the pitching staff is most certainly preventing runs on  a consistent basis and you have to look no further than David Price who is now 6-1 on the season with a 1.81 ERA. Yes, the club can thank the pitching staff for carrying the weight right now while the bats have been quiet but a hat tip certainly has to be given to the baseball gods and those in charge in the scheduling because the Rays have played a very fortunate schedule this month.

The month of May has seen games against Kansas City, Seattle, Oakland, Los Angeles, and Cleveland and not one of those teams currently has a record above .500. The Royals have been the Royals, the Mariners offense is as bad as the Rays this month but their bullpen has been awful, the A’s have been inconsistent, and the Angels and Indians are reeling with losses at the moment.  Compare that to the Yankees who are now three games behind the Rays who have had seven games against the Twins and Tigers who are both at least five games over .500 while beating up on the White Sox, Red Sox, and Orioles in May.

The Rays are sending Wade Davis and James Shields up while the Yankees counter with Rays killer A.J. Burnett and lefty/running-game killer Andy Pettitte. Frankly, these are the last two pitchers a struggling Rays offense wants to run into right now but there is little room to complain given the rather easy schedule the Rays have played this month. Regardless, thanks to The Papeldouche getting the job done tonight, the Rays will leave New York in first place regardless of what happens and then depart for Houston to take on an Astros ball club that is arguably one of the worst in baseball and the Rays miss Roy Oswalt in the series.

The flight attendants are telling us it is time to shut down our electronic devices – Gogo Inflight Internet is the best thing ever!


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