Stadium Update

Our good pal Noah Pransky at has some interesting news tonight – a new investment group plans to buy some land downtown for stadium development.

The investment group, led by “Build it Downtown Tampa” founder Ryan Neubauer, will make the announcement Wednesday.  Their timetable includes land studies this summer, land acquisition this fall, and hopefully a dialogue with the Rays and elected leaders soon thereafter.

Neubauer first launched his grass-roots group last July to help find the Rays a home on the more populous side of Tampa Bay.

But Wednesday’s announcement – set to coincide with the ABC Coalition’s presentation to the Hillsborough County Commission – is a landmark event for the group.  Neubauer says he the group of seven investors is planning on spending upwards of $25 million on land it would then make available for a stadium.

In other news, the Rays drew a crowd of 17,093 today for a getaway game at 1pm while school was still in session – this following a Monday night game where the club drew 19,000 fans on a Monday night. All of those attendance articles from the A’s series look mighty ridiculous right about now.


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