Sibling Rivalry

One of the great thing about sports is talking trash with your friends and family throughout the sporting season. I enjoy doing it just as much as the next guy, especially when it involves the Rays getting the better of the Red Sox or Yankees or my Redskins beating the Cowboys. However, I will readily admit that I do not accept trash talk in return terribly well because I am a rather sore loser. I am not the type that will respond in profanities to people when provoked but my wife will tell you I definitely mope around when the Rays, UCF Knights, or Redskins play poorly. I bring all of this up because my middle brother is a diehard Red Sox fan. We grew up in Houston so he fell in love with Roger Clemens when he pitched for the University of Texas and simply followed Clemens to Boston once he went pro and has remained a Sox fan since that time. Until 2008, his allegiance never bothered me because the Rays and the Red Sox were in different competitive circles but since 2008, the two of us have continually traded jabs when the two teams match up. When the Rays swept Boston earlier this season, I sent him a picture of the broom in my garage and leave it to my brother to respond with this picture to me of my nephews this afternoon to which I replied, “we will need all the help we can get sweeping up our confetti later this season.”



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