Desmond Delane Jennings

Desmond Jennings

All the talk in the MLB over the past couple weeks has been focused on talented prospects like Stephen Strasburg, Buster Posey, and Mike Stanton getting the call from the minors.   However, one name that hasn’t been getting much attention is Desmond Jennings.  Jennings who is ranked as the 7th best prospect of 2010 by Baseball Prospectus & 6th best by Baseball America has yet to get the call.  Prior to the 2010 season, Jennings ranked higher than Posey (9th), and lower than Stanton (4th) in most all polls.   Including Posey, other prospects like Justin Smoak, Ike Davis, Austin Jackson, and Starlin Castro are all playing in the MLB now despite being ranked lower than Desmond Jennings in all 2010 prospect rankings.

Player Games H HR Runs RBI SB BA OBP SLG OPS
Jennings 37 32 0 21 11 14 .258 .343 .339 .682
Stanton 52 59 21 41 52 1 .311 .441 .726 1.167
Posey 47 60 6 31 32 1 .349 .442 .552 .995

The table above clearly shows that Jennings numbers in the minors are pedestrian compared to Buster Posey and Mike Stanton.  However, as we all know numbers in the minors don’t always carry over in the majors.  With the contracts of B.J. Upton,  Carlos Pena, and Carl Crawford expiring this year it seems the Rays would want to bring Jennings up regardless of his numbers.  I don’t see anyway the Rays can obtain Upton and Crawford.  Jennings has been described as a clone of Crawford and most baseball insiders think he will replace Crawford in the Rays outfield next year.  That being said Jennings is going to have some big shoe’s to fill and could use as much time in the MLB this year to get ready for next year.  The Durham Bulls have been raking all season and losing Jennings isn’t going to change that.

So what are the Rays waiting for?  I’m not exactly sure.  There has been some indication Jennings could be getting the call soon.  Jennings has recently been dropped from leadoff to the seventh for the Bulls.  Obviously Jennings isn’t going to bat leadoff for the Rays, so maybe management is prepping Jennings mentally now for a call up in the near future.  Or maybe it’s because Jennings value is dropping due to injury.  Jennings started the 2010 on the DL with a wrist injury.  On June 8th, Bulls manager Montoyo reported that Jennings has some sort of uncertain and ongoing shoulder issue that doesn’t appear to be anything major or treatable, “it just occasionally feels tweaky when he swings, but he is essentially fine and just has to learn to live with it. “

Despite injury and stats, Jennings deserves a shot in the MLB and it would seem now is the time.  If he is to be the second coming of Carl Crawford I sure as hell would want to find out sooner than later.


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7 Responses to Desmond Delane Jennings

  1. Chris Wise says:

    What about Matt Joyce? Have to say that in the last couple of days he’s look much more comfortable on the playing field (even if he did botch a play off the Blue Monster night before last). Jennings also seems to be sorting himself out over the last few games. Much smoother swings, much smoother baserunning. Jennings was back at #2 last couple of games. Also hard to tell who gets pushed off the bus for either/or/both Jennings and Joyce promotion — Rodriguez? And ???

  2. Joyce would be an option (hearing just now Ruggiano is being called up) but Joyce is also not facing much LHP right now and still doesn’t have many at bats under his belt this season. I think he will be a factor in the second half.

  3. Chris Wise says:


    I need to chase that down and get it into my blog. Local folks will be very interested. He’s having a poor season. Can’t understand why he’d be called up.

  4. Chris Wise says:

    My sources, admittedly limited, say there’s nothing to report Ruggiano has been called up. Could be wrong, of course.

  5. Saw it on Twitter from @sstamour who has been very reliable in the past.

  6. Chris Wise says:

    And on further running of my traps it looks like you may be right. Well done bit of research!

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