Rays Player Values

Long-time Rays fan and internet-based friend of mine Dan Hirsch has a new site out called The Baseball Gauge. This is the type of site I can log into and lose hours of time digging through data without even realizing it. I remember Dan talking about doing something like this in the past but didn’t realize he had it up and running already. Needless to say, it is a job very well done!  If you don’t know what Win Shares are, check out WikiPedia to explain the metric first developed by statistical guru Bill James. Here are the leaders for win shares in 2010 and the Rays are very well represented:

  • Carl Crawford: 2nd best left-fielder at 13 win shares
  • Ben Zobrist: 2nd best right fielder at 11.2 win shares
  • Evan Longoria: best third baseman at 15 win shares
  • David Price: 11th best starting pitcher at 8.6 win shares
  • Rafael Soriano: 7th best relief pitcher at 6.4 win shares

To see how the overall Roster is doing for win shares, visit this page. Take particular note of the numbers for Reid Brignac versus Jason Bartlett.


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