2010 Trade Deadline Primer

How would you like to read insightful analysis about the trade deadline behavior and needs of the Rays and other clubs in baseball while helping to raise funds to help active service members and a cure for breast cancer? NOW LIVE!

In 2009, the guys at TwinsCentric.com created a Twins Trade Deadline primer. This year, they invited a blogger or independent writer to cover each other team around Major League Baseball and DockoftheRays.com was fortunate enough to be their choice to provide content for the Rays section of the Primer.

Baseball’s trade deadline season is easily the most active online season for baseball fans, especially obsessive passionate baseball fans and this primer will be available in the coming days as a downloadable eBook (pdf format) through TwinsCentric.com who is project-managing this entire thing.

The 100+ page e-book that provides a preview and framework for all of the upcoming trade deadline speculation. It is graphically-sparse, consisting of headshots and simple graphics. But it is content-rich, evaluating the action from a fan’s perspective while providing national coverage. This includes:

  • report cards covering each of the team’s players
  • summaries of all 30 teams including trade deadline needs and a “fantasy focus” for fantasy baseball players
  • profiles of more than 150 of the most likely trade targets and another 100+ potential impact prospects
  • essays focusing on the trade deadline for the Rays and their AL rivals
  • national essays providing insight on the forces behind the trade deadline
  • cheat sheets for easy reference
  • a foreword by Rob Neyer of ESPN.com

The book runs $9.95 and DockoftheRays will split all  of the  profits equally between Operation Homefront and the Susan G. Komen foundation.  Jason Hanselman helped me with this project and between the two of us, we have had friends and family serve in the military or have been affected by breast cancer so we have chosen these two groups to donate 100% of the profits from the project. If you are not interested in the Rays-centric version, you have your choice of 24 other teams at the site you can order but only the profits from our version will be donated to the charities above.

I got the ebook Sunday night via your site and dove right in. I’m more than halfway through it already, It really is fantastic the amount of depth that there is in that project. You look at some of the preseason mags where they break down rosters and battles for jobs, schedules for the upcoming season etc and they rarely come in at more pages than what that group put together just for the deadline. Lastly, it looks great on my iPad!  — Ray C.


If you would like to see a free sample of the eBook before investing in the real deal, you can do so by clicking here.

If your mind is made up and you know you must get your hands on the best Rays-centric trade deadline information available anywhere, click here.




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5 Responses to 2010 Trade Deadline Primer

  1. Ross Zelen says:

    I would love to help (as the LA Dodger contributor), so I’ll send you stuff soon and let me know if there is anythng else I can do.

  2. Thanks, Ross. We only did the Rays portion of the book and someone else did the Dodgers stuff. The best way you can help is to promote this post on your blog and direct people here to purchase once the book goes live (Monday morning).

  3. Ross Zelen says:

    Sounds good. I’ll promote it and send e-mails around.

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