Price, Longoria, and Crawford All-Stars

Carl Crawford and Evan Longoria made the club as starters and David Price will likely get the ball to start the game. The AL did a much better job with their roster than the NL where Charlie Manuel left Joey Votto off the team but Girardi’s snub of Rafael Soriano is annoying. Soriano has had the best season for any closer not named Mariano Rivera but he gets to stay home rather than join the others in Anaheim.


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2 Responses to Price, Longoria, and Crawford All-Stars

  1. SafariDave says:

    The three studs for the Rays that definitely should be in. It sucks to see 3 Yankees pitchers get in also and the Rays Soriano didn’t.

    • Agreed, Dave. The dumb rule about every team having someone definitely comes into play as Thornton and Soria got on the team that way. That said, Alex Rios should have been on this team somewhere and not Thornton.

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