Rays Doing Very Well on TV/Radio


Street & Smith’s Sports Business Journal posted the latest TV and Radio data today and while the Rays gate attendance may be suffering, the support from other avenues is not. Overall, the Rays radio broadcast on 620 WDAE ranks 7th in all of baseball with a 11.1 rating, which is up 14.4% from last season. The team’s RSN rating stand at 5.52 which is a 70% change from 2009 and broadcasts are averaging nearly 100,000 households a night which is a 69% increase from last season.  Compare that to our “friends” in Red Sox Nation who have seen a 36% drop in their following as the team has struggled this season with injuries. The next time someone in their fanbase rips on the Rays fans, refer them to this story. I don’t care what our win-loss record has been, I can count the number of Rays games I have missed on one hand as that is why some genius invented DVRs. What this tells me – people are very interested in the Rays in 2010, but they are not interested in driving to a remote location for a stadium.  Congratulations to the people that make the TV and Radio broadcast happen so that those of us outside the market can enjoy the Rays games.

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