61-101 (Or What Our Record Would Be If We Lost Every Game Left)

With the Rays victory over the Tigers last night they now have reached 61 wins.  There is no significance to this number other than that it falls between 60 and 62, but during the first decade of our existence it was something of a milestone as it meant we had the chance to avoid a 100 loss seaon.  With this in mind I wanted to go back and take a look at which dates in our past we achieved this win.  Here’s a chart that you’re going to want to click on to enlarge:

As you can see, up until three years ago we couldn’t even exit August with our 61st win, while we’re basically on the pace we set from our 2008 playoff team.  Last year came almost 2 weeks later and that’s enough in the AL East to ensure tee times in mid-October.  Anybody remember the grand season in 2002 where we didn’t even get 61 wins?  I wanted to keep this short and to point out that you can gripe about this or that, but this season is truly remarkable for us and it sure beats going through August wondering if we’re going to walk away with a 100 loss season.


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