Immediate Trade Deadline Reaction

Keep in mind, sometimes deals trickle in after the deadline that had to pass through the front office and such, but it appears that Chad Qualls is the only acquisition for the Rays at this deadline. The good news, that is one more acquisition than the club has made the past two deadlines but the bad news is the club did not address the offense. I would expect Andrew Friedman to make some kind of statement saying the club was very active in talks all day long but in the end, felt that they would get better results from calling up players such as Desmond Jennings, Jeremy Hellickson, and even Dan Johnson than they would in trading for new faces while giving up pieces of the future. There is certainly some merit to that type of statement but it was a painful sell to the fanbase in 2008 and 2009 so I do not expect it to go down any easier in 2010. That said, if they were to announce in the next 24 hours that two of those three players were being promoted, this would be a very successful trade deadline day. Until then, there is definitely much to debate about the perceived lack of inaction without knowing what went on behind closed doors.

If the Rays do not sneak a deal in, then the only acquisition of the day will be adding a reliever with a 8.30 ERA to the bullpen which is sure to play very well on message boards and talk radio on Monday. The early returns on Twitter are rather entertaining:

  • rays have lied to me
  • Will Ohman? Chad Qualls? Yeah, they’re good for another 5,000 or so butts in the seats. Donde esta Manny?
  • The only thing the #Rays did was trade for a RP who has a 8.00 ERA? alright.
  • Still a little time left, but wondering if Sternberg’s “gut feeling” was just a smoke screen
  • Ridiculous RT @WAD1980 Awesome so the#Yankees add Berkman, Kearns and Wood. The #Rays add Qualls

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3 Responses to Immediate Trade Deadline Reaction

  1. aaron says:

    On a newspaper website Friedman said they were agressive. Hmmmm….I have a feeling they were just too (expletive) cheap to do anything. Heck, MLB Network said they talked to the GM of the Dodgers for Manny and they laughed at them for what they offered. Here’s to the Rays at least making the playoffs. Ugh being a Rays fan can be so frustrating.

  2. A lot of what GM’s put out there is noise, and that is from both sides. As I said, there is some merit to saying Jennings, Hellickson, and Jennings being better than what they could trade for while not sacrificing too much for the future. I don’t buy the Rays finishing 2nd on Berkman behind that crap the Astros took from the Yankees because this organization has at least 30 guys better than the two guys the Yankees gave up in the deal. I think it came down to Berkman or Dunn and the Nationals were driving the price up by pulling the White Sox into it and it just got to be too much.

    If the club calls up the farm talent to use it, now, I am fine without a deal but the inconsistency of this offense needs addressing and the loss from Balfour to Qualls while keeping Cormier is not the bullpen of a contending team.

  3. Leslie says:

    Simply put, this is disappointing.

    You are going to tell me the Rays couldn’t give up Brignac or Davis for Adam Dunn. Isn’t this Friedman’s job to overvalue his prospects and somehow get a deal to his liking? I felt Friedman was too conservative like then-Twins general manager Terry Ryan. I just felt Friedman could at least try. He was too protective of his prospects.

    Also, to expect Jennings and Johnson to upgrade the offense this year is unrealistic.

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