More On the Jaso Effect

After writing the piece on Shields yesterday concerning how different his numbers are throwing to Jaso than the rest of the catchers, it dawned on me to check the splits with other members of the starting staff. After doing that digging, the Jaso Effect is even more noticeable.

Pitcher Jaso catching Other Catching
Garza 5.69 2.95
Niemann 2.92 3.41
Price 3.11 2.67
Davis 3.49 4.79
Shields 6.75 3.32
Team 3.91 3.42

Not only does Shields show a large split, so does Matt Garza and to an extent, David Price. Conversely, Wade Davis is the exact opposite from Shields and Garza while Niemann is more like Price. The fact that Davis has the best results with Jaso should not be a surprise because of their time together in AAA Durham. As a team, the pitchers have not only a better ERA when Jaso is not catching, but the staff’s home run rate, walk rate, and baserunners per nine innings are also better when throwing to Kelly Shoppach or Dioner Navarro. This comes from 495 innings of work with Jaso compared to 504.2 innings of work with Shoppach and Navarro.

Clearly, there is a give and take here because Jaso is infinitely better at the plate than Shoppach or Navarro in 2010 but the gains at the plate are being offset somewhat by the losses behind the plate.  Hopefully, with experience, this will improve with each game Jaso gets behind the dish because the fact the three best talents in the rotation throw better to the reserves than they do to Jaso is a problem.

To see a complete skills breakdown for the starting staff in a single image, click here.


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