Rays Spend on Draft Bonuses

Jim Callis of Baseball America put up some data today which shows how each of the franchises in baseball have spent on draft bonuses in the past three drafts.  In 2010, the Rays spent the 12th most money on bonuses at $7,150,800 while the Nationals led all of baseball spending $11,927,200. However, in the past three seasons, the Rays have spent the 7th most money on draft pick bonuses at $21,076,300. That figure could have gone even higher had they not failed to sign last year’s top pick in LeVon Washington. While a lofty figure, it trails the Pirates, Red Sox, nationals, Orioles, and Royals.  The Pirates have spent a whopping $30,599,800 on draft pick bonuses in the past three seasons which is only $4m less than their current team payroll.


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