Health Advantage for Rays

The Rays, compared to their competition, have been more fortunate in regards to injuries so far in 2010. Using the Injury Database, I found the Rays have the fifth lowest total in regards to days players on the 25 man roster have spent on the disabled list at 229.  That number does not include J.P. Howell as he was expected to miss the entire season before the season started but it does include: Gabe Kapler, Wade Davis, Jeff Niemann, Carlos Pena, Grant Balfour, Andy Sonnanstine, Jason Bartlett, Kelly Shoppach, and Matt Joyce. Additionally, most of those names have only recently hit the disabled list as the Rays enjoyed an unbelievable stretch of good health in the first half.

The table below lists all thirty clubs and how many days their players have spent on the disabled list, how many players have been on the list, and how many wins the club has.

CHC 109 6 52
AZ 118 4 49
FLA 162 9 62
DET 169 6 62
TB 223 9 77
CHW 277 4 67
LAA 311 11 63
TOR 336 10 65
PIT 348 9 41
HOU 360 14 55
CLE 366 11 50
KC 372 10 53
NYY 375 10 77
TEX 383 13 70
STL 388 11 68
SF 400 14 69
ATL 414 14 73
SEA 472 13 49
MIN 477 11 72
PHI 497 15 70
BAL 510 11 44
CIN 513 9 72
LAD 536 14 63
COL 537 11 64
SD 540 14 74
MIL 584 11 59
NYM 588 12 62
WAS 679 15 53
BOS 697 16 72
OAK 707 18 61

I bolded the totals of the Rays’ main competition for the playoffs so you could see just how fortunate the club has been in relation to them, particularly Boston. To date, the Rays have had their injured players total less than one-third of the amount of time the Red Sox injured player have accumulated on the disabled list which is a stunning number no matter how you look at it. The fact that Boston is still just five games behind the Rays despite such epic decimation of their 25 man roster is a testament to the work of Terry Francona and Theo Epstein.  Do injured players equate to a broken team? Julia E. Seaman and I. Elaine Allen say no. Unfortunately, I cannot find access to their complete paper and can just link to their press release findings  which state, among other points, that the fewest days on the disabled list does not always associate with performance in the post-season.

Kudos to the Tampa Bay Rays training staff who does an excellent job of taking care of this team and doing what they can to prevent injuries as much as possible.


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4 Responses to Health Advantage for Rays

  1. Ryan says:

    Is there a resource that can tell you by player how many days each player has spent on the DL?

    • Ryan, the database I referred to in the opening paragraph is the only one I am aware of. For subscribers to, it is available for use and you can get a breakdown by player. That product is not available without subscription as it is the proprietary work of Fanball’s resident injury expert, Ric Wilton.

  2. Ryan says:

    Wonderful I am a subscriber. My AL only team has been decimated by injury (Ellbury, A-Rod, Teahan, Beckett, Morneau, Ordonez, Salty, C. Guillen just to name a few) thought it would be fun to see how many days I have accumalted.

  3. Perfect – look for the “Injury Database” link on the right side of the OE MLB site. You can filter by team or do a specific player search.

    I was planning on writing about the AL Tout Wars teams tonight to see which teams have lost the most due to injury for my first OE article this week.

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