Still a Chance for BJ's BRayser

For a minimum donation of $15 (one ticket), your name will be entered into a drawing to win a ‘BRayser’ worn and signed by B.J. Upton.  All proceeds go to two local Tampa Bay youth charities. Increase your chances of winning by purchasing three tickets at $40. This contest is open from August 25, 2010 to Thursday, November 4 (end of MLB World Series).

Register now as time is limited. Only 500 tickets are to be sold and the winner will be chosen on November 9, 2010. A reminder that the prize will be a ‘BRayser’ worn by B.J. Upton, signed by B.J. Upton and handed to the winner if in Tampa Bay Area. The ‘BRayser’ will be signed and mailed if the winner is outside of the Tampa Bay area. Proceeds go to the Childs Park and Wildwood Recreation Centers located in South St. Petersburg to help support the families served by these centers. As part of the Dugout Club community initiative this summer, BJ adopted the two recreation centers and created ‘BJ’s Bunch’, a positive club for the kids.

Sign up by clicking here.


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