Know Thy Enemy

“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories” — Sun Tzu

If it were only that easy on the baseball diamond. If you are like me, you cannot get enough information online about the Rays as well as the 2010 post-season. If that is the case, I would like to recommend some must-read blogs done by Ranger, Twins, and Yankee fans to prepare for the 2010 post season.


  • HomeontheRangers: Brandon Wilson is one of my Fanball colleagues – check out his good work
  • Newberg Report: I am not even a Rangers fan and yet I have been a subscriber to Jamey’s mailing list for years. Frankly, his site is what all independent bloggers should strive for as I consider it the best fan site in baseball and the Rangers do too as they hand out his Annual Guide to some of their season ticket holders.
  • A strong Rangers community with good content as well


  • MinnyTwinkies: Randy Holt does a solid job covering the Twins for Fanball
  • Nick’s Twins Blog: I’ve had the pleasure of both meeting and working with Nick Nelson on some projects and I think you’ll enjoy his work
  • Another guy I enjoyed meeting and working with – love the job he does on his blog, on Twitter, and on his podcast
  • TwinsGeek:  I have known John for years through but he’s also the guy that coordinates the official scorecard for the Twins and has allowed me to write the Rays’ scorecard notes for both the regular season series and a potential post-season series.
  • OvertheBaggie: Parker is the only one of the four horesemen at I have not yet met but I still enjoy his work.


  • The Blog That Ruth Built: Craig gets paid to watch Yankee baseball games. Be jealous….
  • Blogging The Bombers: Sure, it is more mainstream than the rest, but Mark is also a Redskins fan so I embrace his one redeeming sports quality
  • RiverAvenueBlues:  Great writing, even better follows on Twitter during games – especially @mikeaxisa
  • LoHud Yankees Blog: It’s maintream but still very imformative
  • TheYankeeU: Just getting onto this site – been following the guy on Twitter for awhile

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