Big News!

You have already heard me represent on ESPN 1040 a number of times throughout the season on Steve Kyler’s Sunday morning show “The Game,” as well as appear on the Fabulous Sports Babe show during this 2010 baseball season. Now, expect to hear a lot more of me on the station as ESPN 1040 has asked myself and Tommy Rancel of to serve as their Rays Insiders for their shows and for the website.

What this means is more radio spots for both of us on The Fabulous Sports Babe show as well as the new Primetime Show hosted by Ronnie Lane, Mark Carrier, and Tom Krazniqi. We will also be producing original content for several times a week, year round. This new role will lead to more direct access to the Rays organization in the form of player and manager interviews and some potential live events related to Rays games and Spring Training.  Both Tommy and myself will start posting content next week and will link to it from both here as well as and we hope you will tune in on the radio or online to hear what we have to say during show appearances throughout the year.


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