Schedule and Times Announced

Shocking – the Rays/Rangers series got the early time slot. If you are pissed, you should check out Rangers fans on Twitter that are fuming about the start times.

Game 1 – 1st pitch 1:37 ET, Wednesday

Game 2 – 1st pitch: 2:37 ET, Thursday

Game 3 – 1st pitch: 5:07 ET, Saturday

If you enjoyed the  Yankee/RedSox brodcast today, you’ll enjoy the series as Don Orsillo and Buck Martinez will be calling the games on TBS.

Ron Washington has said he will go with a four-man rotation for the ALDS with Tommy Hunter pitching Game 4. That said, if the Rangers are down 2-1 on Sunday, I think Cliff Lee will come back in on three days rest.

The Magic Number is



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3 Responses to Schedule and Times Announced

  1. Greglpdx says:

    Awesome… As a Rays fan in Oregon, this means would have to take the whole day off. Nothing like baseball at 10:30 in the morning… Why is it that the entire season is played at night but suddenly the games can’t overlap in the post-season?

  2. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Well I can’t watch Saturdays game.


  3. Greg – they have to squeeze in 3 games each day during the ALDS. Minnesota/NY was always going to be a late game because of the central time zone and it being the Yankees. Philly gets the other game because of being a larger media market and MLB/TBS does not want games overlapping. It sucks, but it is what it is. I’m just lucky I have an understanding boss 🙂

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