Do You Want This Guy?

57.1 IP

57 hits

6 home runs

15 walks, 52 strikeouts, 3.5 strikeout to walk rate

3.43 ERA

4-2 won/loss record

How would you like to have a pitcher like that on the Rays’ roster right now to face the Rangers? Guess what – you do.

His name is James Shields and that is what he has done against the Rangers, Yankees, and Twins this year. Additionally, as Hanselman pointed out yesterday, the Rangers struggle against the change-up and curveball which are Shields’ two best pitches. Shields also pitches better at home than he does on the road and if you’ve followed this team long enough, Maddon is both loyal to his guys and the decisions he makes along with Andrew Friedman are extremely data driven.

Frankly, your reactions on Twitter to the news was extremely disappointing and downright embarrassing for the fanbase and does nothing but add to the national argument that this town only cares about what the Rays have done lately and will turn on the club at a moment’s notice.  Stop it as you’re just embarrassing yourselves.


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5 Responses to Do You Want This Guy?

  1. Gatorbuc15 says:

    I’m still a little scared of James.

  2. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Yep, very true.

  3. bill says:

    James sheilds has been inconsistent and awful at times, Its a terrible match up to have him pitch against a slugging team like the rangers, hes given up more home runs than anyone in the league, and is among top 5 in hits allowed, I feel a 3 man rotation would have been the best answer.

  4. A three man rotation in the ALDS is quite risky, especially since none of these guys have worked on 3 days rest all season. I’d only be for a 3 man rotation in the World Series . Given the days off that are involved in the ALCS, relievers can almost work every game so if a starter struggles, yank him and get to the relievers. If Shields suffers in Game 2, then Maddon has the entire bullpen to work with as everyone has Friday off before a Saturday evening game.

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