The Kubel Rule

You will recall the game earlier this season where Jason Kubel hit a sky-high pop up that struck a catwalk and landed in fair play thus costing the Rays a potential win. Worry no more – the ground rules have been changed for the post-season.

Per a Rays media press release, that situation will now result in a dead ball and do over. Anything striking the lower two rings (C and D) in fair territory is still a home run but anything striking A & B as well as the supporting masts for each will be considered a dead ball do-over if you will.


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One Response to The Kubel Rule

  1. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Good. The last thing we would need is for something like that to happen again this post season. They should probably extend the new rule into the regular season why their at it.

    I saw that play live and I was livid. It would have really sucked if that damn play came to bite us in the ass at the end of the season.
    Thank God it didn’t.

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