Game 1 Pre-game Reading

I’m making the drive over shortly and picking up Hanselman from the airport and start pre-gaming at Ferg’s. Make sure you tune into ESPN 1040 for all of your pre-game radio needs as the Fabulous Sports Babe will be on site for a show and I will be joining her at some point in the first hour on set. Here are some things to read to get ready for the game today.

  • Q/A with NewbergReports’s Jamey Newberg about the Rangers.
  • DRaysBay does the same with
  • Joe Maddon was on with Mike and Mike yesterday morning for a very insightful interview. Pay particular attention to their comments at the end.
  • Joe Henderson also covers Maddon as a non-traditional manager and Maddon has an interesting quote about local sports talk radio. John Romano has a similar article.
  • FreeZorilla previews the strike zone of today’s home plate umpire, Tim Welke.
  • Cal Ripken predicts the Rays to win the World Series as the Orlando Sentinel publishes just its third Rays-related story in the 2010 season.
  • Mark Kriegel of FoxSports believes the Rays are the best team run, in sports.
  • Tommy Rancel defends Maddon’s decision to use Shields in Game 2.
  • My long time friend Mike Fast breaks down David Price’s 2010 improvements.
  • This is as close as you will ever get into understanding Rafael Soriano’s rituals.
  • R.J. Anderson gathered a braintrust of Rays writers to discuss the series. Part 1 and Part 2.

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