I Told You So

I post that video clip for two reasons. One – I have a huge crush on Sarah Chalke and cannot get enough of her. Secondly, what Cliff Lee did today is exactly what I said could happen in my column at BHSN.com today (ignore the byline, Tommy didn’t write it).  Thirdly, I needed a laugh after watching that game today because I am now 0-3 in attending playoff openers.

If the Rays are lucky enough to advance to the next series, and only 29% of teams who lose the home opener of a division series do, I am not showing up to Game 1 of the ALCS even if someone gave me a ticket. I am convinced it is my fault the Rays lost this game today.

Thanks again to the Fabulous Sports Babe for having me on her show today for most of the pre-game and if you missed my appearance today, you can catch me on the show again as an unofficial co-host tomorrow from 11-1. We’ll be out in the back lot of Ferg’s doing the show so please come by and say hi. If not, call in and ask questions on the air – you can tune in live at espn1040.com.

I’ll have more on today’s game later tonight if I ever get home from this epic gridlock over in St. Petersburg.


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