I'm Crushed

On my three hour drive home to East Orlando (took 1:20 to get from Trop to the Crosstown), I got an email on my blackberry that I was not a winner in the pre-sale lottery for Game Five tickets should the series need a fifth game. After watching this team the last two days, I am not convinced there will even be a fourth game in this series but I am still crushed. I am crushed that I won’t have the right to buy a ticket when they go on sale but some other lucky fan will. Maybe that lucky fan was one of the many fools that were loudly booing B.J. Upton and other players during their struggles today. Maybe that fan was one of the lameasses that started walking out of the game as early as the fifth inning when times got tough. Maybe that lucky fan was one of the people verbally abusing friends of mine with profanity that flew in from Texas for the game as they celebrated the Rangers success.

I’m crushed that I took two days off of work, spent two days doing pre-game radio simply because I love talking about the Rays, and stayed for every pitch of both games and am yet being denied first crack at seats so that someone else can show up, leave half-way through, and/or act like a complete jackass. This is why the national media ridicules this fanbase and why I felt ashamed to be part of it today.  Nothing, other than Jerry Meals blown check-swing call, infuriated me more than the actions of some of the fanbase today. What type of free agent hitter wants to come to a city where they boo their own players, stay away from the stadium more often than not, and then leave in droves when the going gets tough? For shame.


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  1. losvideo says:

    It is truly a shame that the “fans” acted that way. It takes so much away from the ballpark experience. The fans that go there to cheer the wins and also to suffer through the losses are left shaking their heads at behavior like this.

    How can you boo your own players? The players who are suffering through these hard games with their own struggles?

    These guys do this because they love the game they are playing. Yes, they are making good money, but they all have a sense of pride and want to win every game they play.

    I know it hurts them to hear their home crowd booing them when they are struggling.
    It just goes to show, the 11,000-15,000 that regularly show up are probably the only true fans they have. The rest are there when “Times are good”, and when those good times turn bad, those fans show their true colors. Absolutely for shame.

  2. Rick says:

    I got one of those emails about game 5 tickets – but I was lucky enough to be a “winner”. Wouldn’t it be a great sports story if there actually was a game 5? Doubt it. The Rays can keep their tickets.

    As for calling Rays fanbase lame, you think that other teams don’t have fans who leave early, who boo opponent fans, or who boo players like BJ Upton when he continuosly strikes out? You need to visit other stadiums and you’ll see. There’s an etiquette that opponent fans should follow when in a visiting team’s stadium. I had an idiotic Ranger fan screaching, blood curlding yell in my right ear for most of the game. I ignored her – like most of the other Rays fans in my section did.

    I enjoyed your pregame conversation on Tampa ESPN. Listened while waiting in my nosebleed seats (worse than yours) where my view of homeplate was obstructed for most of the entire game by people in handicapped seating. I told myself that this would be the absolute last time I ever sit at a game at Tropicana.

    If people want to witness the lackluster Rays batting (2 hits, lots of strike outs) to the dire end, good for them. If fans who left their jobs, paid for overpriced tickets, and suffered though the Rays’ bad baseball wanted to leave early, how can you criticize? It was pretty obvious from game 1, 2, and the recent Royals, Orioles, and Mariner series – this team can be downright ugly.

  3. Preach on brother! I had to listen to some jackanape yell at Beej for not hustling on the wall-banging double off of Shields in the 2nd. I, also, took off what amounts to 3 days of work to come and support the team that I love and it was an utter slap in the face to listen to “fans” get on their players for all the wrong reasons. I left feeling sick to my stomach over the result and this fanbase. And to those that can enjoy the game and contribute to a conversation without appealing to results-based emotions I apologize, because there’s plenty of good ones out there, it’s just that the loudest voice and the dumbest voice often march in lockstep.

  4. Rick – if there is a game 5 and the Rays win, I’ll shave my head Marine style and post photographic proof 🙂

    I actually do visit a lot of other stadiums – I’ve watched the Rays play in Houston, Minneapolis, Toronto, and Boston and have been to 17 other baseball stadiums. I’ve had fans there buy me beers and chat me up even though I’m fully decked in my Rays jerseys. I thought it was over the line when my two female friends (perhaps you saw them on TV behind home plate) were told by someone to “lick my balls”

    Thanks for tuning into the radio show – I had a blast doing the show. I ended up standing up at the party deck for the game yesterday with my buddy Chris and had a good time despite the outcome.

    I criticize fans for giving up on the team when the going got tough. It’s tough for a player to shut out the images of fans leaving in droves halfway through a contest.

  5. Jason – that double in the 2nd was 15-20 feet behind him. From our angle on the party deck, he had absolutely no shot at that ball but even fans that were next to us bitched about it.

    The great fans we have in our fanbase get drowned out by the some of the village idiots that were on display yesterday.

  6. Thomas says:

    Get ready to shave your head, Jason.

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