What Is On the Line Tonight

Tonight, the Rays have a chance at becoming the first team since the 2001 New York Yankees to drop the first two home games of a League Divisional Series and come back to win the series. In fact, the last four teams that have dropped the first two games, either home or away, that came back to win Games 3 and 4 also won Game 5.  The fact I will not be there tonight should help as I am 0-4 in attending home playoff games.  That said,  I was not exactly aware of all that numerology last Thursday night when I made this bold declaration:

If @r_j_anderson is willing to listen to Limp Bizkit if #Rays win next 3, I’ll shave my head bald if they pull it off & post pic proof

RJ Anderson hates Limp Bizkit as much as Dr. Perry Cox on Scrubs hated Hugh Jackman or as most of us hate The Situation and Snooki on Jersey Shore.  DRaysBay.com writer Erik Hahmann also agreed to join in on my bet and we agreed to take it a step further and said we would both show up to Jonah Keri’s book signing this coming spring dressed in plaid.

If you jump over to the “Who We Are” page of this site, you see what I look like as of last week when that picture was taken over at the ESPN 1040 studios. If the Rays pull off the improbable task of defeating Cliff Lee for a fourth time this season and overcome the huge hole they dug themselves into after Games 1 and 2 of this series, this will be the new me (thanks to Jeff Neely for the image) sometime Wednesday as soon as I can find an opening at the Supercuts by my house as I do not trust myself to do my own work, yet.

I’m a man of my word so if the club does win tonight, I will get the job done and put up photographic proof tomorrow. Tune into ESPN 1420 in Hawai’i online today at 4:45 ET to here me talk about Game 5 before I hop on a plane to Atlanta and eventually home to Orlando late tonight. I am hoping that the game ends before they ask passengers to turn off all electronic devices on our descent to Orlando tonight because the down time for electronics on both of those flights is going to seem like an eternity tonight and I don’t even know if my second leg has wi-fi yet.


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