How Much Is Pena Worth?

John Romano put an article out yesterday saying it would be a good idea for the Rays to re-sign Carlos Pena. Pena is coming off his worst season as a member of the Rays but his name has still been mention in rumors involving the Orioles, Nationals, and the Cubs. My question to you, given the information on the table below, how much do you think the Rays should offer Pena to come back in 2011 to play first base?

YEAR wOBA WAR Contract
2007 .430 6.2 $0.8m
2008 .374 4.0 $6.0m
2009 .374 2.8 $8.0m
2010 .326 1.0 $10.1m

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3 Responses to How Much Is Pena Worth?

  1. I’d be down for a 1/4 or 2/7 type of deal. I think he’ll get more from the Orioles, where I think he will be a great fit and have a pretty solid year.

  2. Someone else said 1/4 on Twitter – I think 1/5 would be max but that would need a bit of a WAR bounceback to work out dollar wise.

  3. Michael says:

    1/3. No more, no less.

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