Story on Rays' Venezuelan Academy

Neat story I found on YouTube today while researching the Alex Torres story.


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7 Responses to Story on Rays' Venezuelan Academy

  1. Bob R. says:

    I would love to find some information about how things are going in the Brazilian academy. I think the Rays are the only team with a presence there.

  2. I will see what I can find out.

  3. It might take a few weeks – running into some roadblocks so far.

  4. I did find this –!

    I also found someone who runs a site that specializes in baseball in Latin America so I have reached out to him for some information.

  5. Bob R. says:

    Thanks Jason. I will get my wife to translate for me. I think the Brazilian academy is for very young kids; there was one Brazilian player in one of the Rays Caribbean leagues, I think Venezuela, this past summer. From what I could tell, he did not play much or have much success.

    Never mind. Here he is, Wester Ramos, CF.

  6. Update

    “My apologies in getting back to you so late and thanks for the email. I have not seen any updates recently specifically on players at the Rays school in Marilia. I have copied someone on this email, who runs the Piritituba Warriors baseball/softball club in Sao Paulo, as he previously mentioned to me that he knows the operator of the school. Perhaps he can provide you better information and he writes/speak in English as well.”

  7. Great stuff Jason. Thanks.

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