Rangers Want Garza or Shields?

T.R. Sullivan of MLB.com had a story about that topic this morning that Ben Maller picked up as well. If they want either pitcher, I want Mitch Moreland for starters along with some help for the bullpen. The Rangers and Rays have never made a trade so there is little history to go from but something to watch as the Rangers will need to find some pitching if Lee spurns them for the bright lights and big dollars of New York City.


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2 Responses to Rangers Want Garza or Shields?

  1. In the limited view we got of Moreland, it’s pretty obvious why they were willing to move Smoak. Kid looks like he’s a good defensive 1B that can crush righties. What else could you want?

  2. I’m greedy 🙂

    They still have the human windmill Chris Davis as well but I’d want one of those young power arms to come over with the very risky Davis.

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